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Well ain't that a...

Despite Atlanta doing their part by coming back to beat Calgary 6-4, the Predators put in a woeful effort against the worst team in the Western Conference, losing to Los Angeles 4-1. There's nothing like watching a supposedly playoff-hungry team get stoned by the Kings "Goalie of the Week", who I believe won the job thanks to sending in the appropriate number of cereal box tops. Right now, I don't think it would matter if the Preds faced J.C. Petit in net; they'd find a way to bury pucks right into his chest.

A special boo-hiss goes to the linesman who whistled Radulov offsides as he broke into the L.A. zone well in behind the defense with about 4 minutes left in the first. I backed it up on the old DVR, and he clearly kept one skate on the line until the puck had crossed into the zone. It was a horrible call that took away a golden scoring chance in what was, at the time, a 0-0 game.

I know how ya feel, bud

Oh yeah, and I lost my job today too. What a way to kick off a weekend!