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Sound the Trumpets!

Today I'm happy to announce a couple of new gigs for your friendly neighborhood Forechecker; first, the one that puts bread on the table, involves a new job. I've been looking since March, and was fortunate enough to land with a strong local company that keeps me here in Nashville. There was every possibility of taking a different job which would have had me on the road 80-100% of the time, which would have made my NHL habit a bit problematic to say the least.

Of more interest to most of you stopping by here is that I've been invited to represent Nashville over at, where they are assembling bloggers covering each NHL squad. The posts I'll provide over at The Hockey News will be unique to that site, but obviously related to the two main themes of this blog; the Nashville Predators and the investigation of NHL statistical analysis. They're assembling quite a stable of writers to fill out that section of their website, and I'm honored to join the gang. My thanks go out to Rory Boylen for both the invite, and some assistance in getting that first article posted.