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Sully Still In Limbo

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So here's what we know about Steve Sullivan and his potential return from back injuries that have kept him out of action for more than a year:

  • He's on the ice, sometimes working with the Predators trainer to see how far he can push himself.
  • The back spasms are still occurring, albeit less frequently.
  • David Poile hasn't given him a firm deadline to return.

Those signs would seem to indicate that there might indeed be hope for Sully to return to the Nashville lineup sometime during the upcoming season, his $3 million contract is an awful lot for the Predators to carry without any assurance that they'll get anything in return. In a way, it would be much easier for the organization to know for certain that he must retire, so they can leverage any insurance they have in place and move on.

That said, I think this story will linger for at least a couple more months, with training camp set for mid-September.