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Hitch a ride over to the Hockey News

For today, head on over to Hockey News, where my latest piece deals with Ken Hitchcock's recent interview with one of the Columbus Blue Jackets bloggers, in which he fires a few verbal barbs towards Nashville, including this doozy:

"when talking with various folks in the know that they told him when we played Nashville that even though we outworked them they weren't worried b/c they knew only 1 or 2 guys could score."

That's pretty good stuff considering Columbus scored the fewest goals in the NHL last year, with 193!

UPDATE: Kudos to the commenter below who pointed out that I probably took this the wrong way, and that Hitch was commenting on the Blue Jackets own lack of scoring depth. Anyways, there was certainly this in there as well:

When asked if we will finally be able to beat Nashville his reply - "yes we will kick their ass".

Even I couldn't misinterpret that one...