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Your Labor Day Weekend Quickies

Before you settle in for the first Saturday of college football (gotta get my Michigan flag out), here are a few quickies for you:
  • I'm interested in loading up my MP3 player with hockey podcasts... so do you have any good recommendations to share? Feel free to drop a comment and let me know which ones I should subscribe to...
  • Head over to the Legends of Hockey Network, where Joe Pelletier is posting a series of the greatest photographs in hockey history. Yesterday's installment detailed a gruesome injury that nearly ended the career of Gordie Howe before it even got rolling. In my book, Mr. Hockey is the greatest of all-time because not only was he a consistently great scorer, but he was also a dominating physical presence night-in, night-out. He epitomized the game.
  • Anyone in the adult C-leagues (upper or lower) down at Centennial Sportsplex need a player? I'd like to head back downtown after spending last year at Southern Ice, but I've been told the teams are all signed up.
  • The Predators are currently conducting their Get Out And Learn (GOAL) program, a free opportunity for kids to get an introduction to hockey. I've got all three of the Little Forecheckers signed up, and the picture below will take you to a gallery of some pics I took last Wednesday. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to give their kids a taste of the game, without having to shell out big bucks for equipment first. They're going to have another session with signups in September, so set a reminder for yourself to check it out.

Nashville Predators GOAL Program 2008
From 2008 GOAL