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Tuesday's news: Turn up the radio for some Predators hockey talk!

It's time to take a deep breath, Preds fans, and remember that last night's game is just 1 of 82, it counts no more than that tough 1-0 loss to Buffalo last Saturday. There's still time to right the ship and keep making progress, particularly if J.P. Dumont returns to the lineup tomorrow in Dallas, as has been speculated.

In order to start cheering up, perhaps you need a little hockey talk on the radio?  Tennessean beat writer John Glennon will be on the Thom Abraham Show talking about the Preds today around 11:40 a.m., which you can catch on 560-AM in Nashville, or via streaming audio at

Speaking of sports radio, I'm very happy to announce that I'm sitting in as a guest co-host with Paul McCann on this week's HockeyBuzz Radio show, Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 p.m., also on WNSR. The show will feature guests like longtime NHL tough guy Rob Ray, a preview of the Preds' upcoming games against Chicago and Washington with experts Al Cimaglia and Steve Kolbe, as well as a hockey history lesson from Pete Weber.

I'm honored that Paul asked me to join him in studio since Pete's on the road with the team in Dallas, and look forward to a fun time behind the mic.

Now, on to your morning news & notes...

Predators News

Preds On The Glass: Oilers Blow Past Preds 6-1
Buddy's post-game update includes video of Barry Trotz's press conference and player comments.

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Some interesting thoughts on how the fans should respond to a stinker like last night's game.

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Jim Diamond asks the obvious question...

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John Glennon ruminates over the 3rd period line juggling from last night, and how things might look Wednesday in Dallas.

Stortini wasn't just the crust but was the whole loaf against Nashville - Cult of Hockey
David Staples provides the Edmontonian view of last night's game.

Trotz keeps on ticking - Edmonton Sun
Here's a Canadian perspective on Barry Trotz's longevity in Nashville, particularly in light of the fact that Edmonton fired Craig MacTavish last summer after a long run behind the Oilers bench.

NHL Hockey Power Rankings - ESPN
On the strength of the Colorado win and Buffalo loss, the Preds jump 3 spots in ESPN's weekly rankings (published prior to last night's game).

The View from 111: Lazy and Stupid
Mark W. takes a whack at Adrian Dater's anti-Nashville column. Who knows, this could turn into a nice rallying point for the Preds fan base this season.

Blum tempered, talented on his way to NHL -
A nice profile piece on Preds prospect Jonathan Blum, well worth a few minutes of your time (hat tip to Admirals Short Shifts)

Around the NHL

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An interesting interview with SB Nation's captive hockey stats analyst, along with a couple specific questions relative to the Atlanta Thrashers.

The NHL In The Social Media World: Dani Muccio - Hockey From the Cheap Seats
The social media series continues with @Dani3boyz from Twitter, the driving force behind the NHL Tweetup.

Walk The Plank: Regular Season Champions Banner - Fear The Fin
I've never heard of raising a banner for "Western Conference Regular Season Champions" before, but that's just what the Sharks did. Very odd decision, indeed...

Ted Leonsis Unfiltered - Los Angeles Times
An interesting interview with the Washington Capitals owner (and SB Nation investor) by Helene Elliott (hat tip to Kukla)

Does Shooting Percentage Fluctuate? - The Hock Project
This will make Nashville fans feel a little better about missing out on Phil Kessel. Both the analysis, and the goofy picture of him trying on a Leafs jersey.

Mark Messier Talks With SB Nation About 'The Messier Project' - SB Nation
Brandon Worley got to sit down with The Bald One about his latest venture, the development of a new hockey helmet designed to better protect against head injuries.