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The Nashville Predators are bound to start scoring, right?

Over the course of an entire NHL season, team-wide shooting and save percentages tend to converge around relatively narrow bands. For example, the hottest shooting team last season was the Pittsburgh Penguins at 10.9%, while the coldest shooters were the New York Rangers, at 7.5%.

Over at Hockey Do or Die!, Jonathan Willis breaks down team performance so far, to get an idea of which teams are so far outside the norms that perhaps fans of those teams should calm down, and write it off to a short-term statistical blip that will work itself out over time.

At least, that's what I'm telling myself when I look at the list of lousiest shooters so far (after the jump)...

Team shooting percentage as of today:

21. Tampa Bay: 8.2%

22. Ottawa: 7.7%

23. New Jersey: 7.6%

  Last Years Worst (NY Rangers): 7.5%

24.NY Islanders: 7.5%

25. Minnesota: 7.5%

26. Toronto: 7.1%

27. Florida: 7.0%

28. Phoenix: 6.9%

29. Buffalo: 6.5%

30. Nashville: 4.7%

Things are bound to get better, right? Tonight would be a good time to start...

Head over to check out the rest of the piece, which includes very good (but not outlandish) marks for the Preds' goaltenders.