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Tuesday's news: Nashville Predators in need of help, on the ice and on Facebook & Twitter

Other than the news reported yesterday that Jason Arnott was placed on IR and will miss 1-2 weeks, there's not much going on this morning in Nashville Predators news... yet. There is some scuttlebutt afloat that not 1, but 2 callups will be made from Milwaukee today, and as soon as that news arrives I'll post it here.

But until then, we've still gots lots of hockey goodness waiting for you this morning; an opportunity to work for the Preds on the social media front, an offensive defenseman placed on waivers over in the Eastern Conference, and a sampling from the philosophical offerings of Don Cherry. All this and more, after the jump!

Predators News

Do you want to work on Facebook and Twitter for the Nashville Predators?
I put this up on the sidebar last night, but thought it worth noting here; I know for many of you, getting paid to pump the Preds on Facebook and Twitter sounds like a dream come true, but this is a real Internet Marketing Coordinator position they're hiring for.

2009 Ladies of the Preds Swimsuit Calendar Release Party - Nashville
Take in the sights from Friday's release party...

Around the NHL

In other news... HUGE stor ... - Eklund on Twitter
Just in case you need another example of why this guy's stuff is consistently reckless and stupid.

Greatest Hockey Top Ten Don Cherry Quotes
Bask in the wisdom from the man in the funny suit.

Dodging a Vokoun bullet - Jay Feaster's Blog at The Hockey News
The former Tampa Bay GM nearly dislocates his shoulder patting himself on the back for not trading for Tomas Vokoun in 2007. But when he says that he would have not gotten Steven Stamkos if he had traded away that draft pick, he ignores the fact that the Lightning would probably not have been in the position to have the #1 overall pick if they had one of the best goaltenders in the NHL.

Zombie wants return to a gritty game - Adam Proteau's blog at
Rob Zombie is an L.A. Kings fan? Who knew?

Puck Daddy in Vegas: 21 observations about hockey, gambling, new media journalism and Blogs With Balls 2.0
Greg Wyshynski's living the dream; he's not just getting paid to be a hockey blogger, he got to Vegas for a conference, too.

News from a sitdown with NHL brass: DirecTV-Versus update, league revenues are up and more - Working the Corners
San Jose reporter David Pollak had a sit-down the NHL Deputy Commissioner Billy Daly, and surprisingly, the league claims that revenue might actually increase this season, despite dire predictions over the summer of a precipitous drop.

Cory Murphy Placed on Waivers - In Lou We Trust
The smallish offensive defenseman is currently on waivers... might the Preds bite?

Fire Sale? - Pucks Gone Wild
Will Minnesota blow up their roster due to their disappointing start? How about a 2nd Nashville stint for Marek Zidlicky, Preds fans?

Dinner With A Hockey Guy: Who Do You Meet? - Hockey From the Cheap Seats
Matt Reitz asks a very philosophical question...

Should fans boo their team? - NHL Digest
An interesting breakdown of two sides of the question noted above. First, do fans have the right to boo? And secondly, should they? Does it actually lead to anything positive? It's a valid question these days in Nashville, considering the reaction the crowd had to that first period last week against Edmonton.

Comparables: Andrei Kostitsyn - Hockey Or Die!
Does the Montreal Canadiens forward closely resemble one of our favorite Predators? An analysis looking at career similarities makes it appear so.

Hockey Relationship Advice - Off Wing Opinion
Dr. Off Wing takes a question: ""Am I a bad bf for sitting the gf down on our anniversary Sat night and having her watch her 1st hockey game (Canucks/Leafs on HNIC)?"

"Discrimination is absolute against the frogs." -
Is there a bias in professional hockey against French-Canadians? A new book makes that assertion, and Tyler dissects the argument.