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Hockey fans develop hedge fund, bring in NHL players as clients

Got a few hundred thousand dollars stashed under your mattress? For the hockey fan looking for a proper investment vehicle, this week's issue of Barron's has the hedge fund for you, founded by Pavel Begun, a Belarussian hockey fan who came over to the US and pursued his dream of becoming a professional investor:

OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS, Begun earned a business degree from Western Kentucky and an MBA from the University of Chicago; became a chartered financial analyst; and worked as a research analyst with investment advisors Fiduciary Asset Management and broker A.G. Edwards, both in St. Louis. In July 2004, he co-founded 3G Capital Management with Cory Bailey, a colleague from Fiduciary Asset who shared Begun's passion for value investing and ice hockey.    

And they're not just hockey fans, they've got the client side covered as well:

This strategy [value-based investing] has worked well for 3G since it was launched in July 2004, generating solid returns and attracting some high profile investors, including several professional hockey players such as New Jersey Devils defenseman Bryce Salvador and Toronto Maple Leafs forward Jamal Mayers.    

Hopefully they'll work out better for their clients than this guy did.