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St. Louis Blues promotion motivates fans and players alike

NHL marketing executives have a tough job these days, trying to come up with promotions that get tickets sold and bring fans into the building, without giving up too much of a discount and offending season ticket holders who've already paid out big bucks to their team.

In St. Louis, however, the Blues' staff hasn't just come up with a plan that puts fannies in the seats, but it apparently gets the players on the ice motivated as well...

Much like the Nashville Predators reward fans with a Frosty when the Preds score 5 at home, in St. Louis this season, when the Blues score 5, fans will be given a free Big Mac. The on-ice results are obvious...

How else would one explain the 2 goals and 2 assists that Keith Tkachuk racked up in two games against the Red Wings over in Stockholm? Or the fact that the team put up 4 and 5 goals in those games?

via the late*, great Jes Golbez' Hockey Rants, from the Blues' 2005 training camp.

*It's the blog that's no longer with us, not the blogger!