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Predators win free tickets for Dallas fans, after all

Remember all the fussing over whether Dallas Stars color commentator Daryl Reaugh would live up to his opening night guarantee of a victory over Nashville, in which he promised to buy a ticket for every fan in the building if Dallas lost last Saturday night? Well, it looks like he'll make good on it after all...

What I’m trying to convey to you is that I am backing up my verbal promise of providing free tickets to another game if the Stars did not win their season opening game against the Nashville Predators.

And here it is in bold print:

You glorious fans of the DStars who have a ticket stub from opening night can use that ticket stub as a voucher good for a free ticket to an upcoming game.

Thanks to Mark from The View From 111 for the pointer. Razor may be a goofball, but at least he's an honest one.