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Thursday thoughts: Nashville Predators welcome J.P. Dumont back to the ice

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As the Predators prepare to conclude their road trip this evening in St. Louis, you can get ready with your morning sampling of NHL news and notes.

After the jump, we have word that J.P. Dumont is expected back in the lineup this evening, and in honor of last night's CMA's, an interview with Carrie Underwood in which she talks about her boyfriend, Ottawa Senators forward Mike Fisher.

Predators News

J.P. Dumont to rejoin Predators tonight - The Tennessean
While J.P. Dumont's return is good news for the team, it will likely result in another forward heading back to the AHL.

Preds On The Glass: Thursday Morning Predators Update
Buddy's got plenty of updates, including an amusing Twitter faux pas.

Forbes ranks Predators 27th in NHL in value, just ignore the magical data - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond also takes a whack at Forbes' assessment of the Predators. It should be noted that since the Preds are a private enterprise, most of the numbers Forbes cites are estimates, at best.

HockeyBuzz Radio - Podcasts
Last night's show featured Stephen Brunt, author of "Gretzky's Tears", and frequent critic of the NHL's southern expansion.

Around the NHL

Game No. 17 (Puck-rakers)
Wow, did the Blue Jackets ever get stomped by the Red Wings last night. Read this one just for Steve Mason's reaction to getting razzed by the home fans.

Moneypuck -
The San Jose Sharks are on the advanced statistics path, and this article makes one wonder how many other teams are. Anyone looking to hire a Hockey Operations Analyst, by chance? Please, pretty please?

Byron Bitz wishes he was Suri Cruise and other fun facts from the Bruins Media Guide - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Here's a great mission for an intrepid OtF reader - take a look through the Predators Media Guide, and write up your favorite bits in a FanPost.

New measurements will bring goalies down to size -
Beginning next season, new restrictions on the size of goaltender equipment will be in force, calibrated to the size of the goalie. I'm hopeful that this can help reverse the upward trend in save percentages over the years.

5 Pitches For Shows The NHL Network Needs to Develop " Puck The Media
Some solid ideas from Steve Lepore as to how the NHL Network could round out its offerings.

The Purpose of Hitting - Hockey Or Die!
Jonathan Willis tries to go back to the basics as to the value of hitting within the game of hockey, to better police the game. I'm not sure I agree with his reasoning, but it's a very good read.

Danton says prison stint saved his life - The Globe and Mail
The strange saga of former St. Louis Blue Mike Danton takes another turn, as he opens up in an interview with Nick Kypreos about the murder plot that landed him in prison for five years.

Lastly, in light of last night's CMA show, here's an interview with Carrie Underwood, in which she discusses her relationship with Ottawa Senators forward Mike Fisher around the 6:30 mark (hat tip to Hockey Beat):