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Monday's news: It's a hard-knock life for rookie Colin Wilson

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We've got quite a bit of time before the Predators return to action on Thursday, so this is as good a time as any to ruminate over what we've seen so far, and what it all means for the road ahead. Are the Nashville Predators a team without a #1 goalie, desperate for goal-scoring, and foundering on defense? Or are they a workmanlike squad that is getting contributions from depth player while the stars have been out with injury? Expect plenty of consideration of these points in the days ahead.

After the jump, we've got two profiles of Colin Wilson dealing with all that goes with being an NHL rookie, an analysis of perhaps the most effective pest in the NHL, and a call to action for you, dear readers, to join in the conversation...

Predators News

Predators rookie finds NHL life tough - The Tennessean
John Glennon writes about the transition that Colin Wilson has made from the NCAA to the NHL in just a few short months.

Benching gives Wilson a kick in the hockey pants -
Part of Colin Wilson's developmental process is getting stuck on the bench at times when things aren't going so well, writes Dan Rosen.

New Hope Dawns for November - Paul McCann
The Preds' PA announcer finds cause for hope as the calendar flips over to a new month of hockey. Surely two weeks ago, things were looking pretty dark.

The View from 111: Predators Dig Out of a Hole
Mark sums up the Preds' march back from a six-game losing streak to a .500 record at month's end.

Big Kev's Thoughts on Hockey: Bounce-back October - My thoughts after the opening month
Another look at what's gone right, and wrong, with the Preds so far.

What’s It Gonna Be, Preds? Trick or Treat? " Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ checks back in after an absence from the blogosphere, which actually provides some nice perspective on the last few weeks of Predators hockey.

Around the NHL

A heads-up to the LBC Community... - Litter Box Cats
A good write-up by our colleagues in Florida about features of these SB Nation sites that provide you the opportunity to contribute as well; everything written about there applies here at OtF as well.

Ovechkin Suffers Mysterious 'Upper Body' Injury In Caps' Loss - SB Nation
This is getting absurd, the number of star players felled by injury.

Patrick Kaleta: The League's Best Pest? - Hockey Or Die!
A fine look at an agitator who truly creates power play situations for his team, Buffalo's Patrick Kaleta.

The Five-Best Teams that were Outshot - Behind The Net
Five great teams that beat the odds, and dominated despite giving up more shots than they took.

Springing Malik: Ow, that really hurts!
An interesting look at breaking down injury-loss by team, determined by the salary level of the players who have been lost. Nashville falls in the middle of the pack so far.

Dustin Penner, the poster boy for advanced stats - Cult of Hockey
A good review of how advanced stats pointed out even last year that Dustin Penner helps make the Edmonton Oilers go. As a bonus, take a look at how one Nashville Predator ranked in 5-on-5 goal scoring last season, prorated to ice time.

Observations from a 4-2 loss - Dallas Morning News
Get the Stars' perspective on Saturday's big win by the Predators.

Fourth Line's The Charm - Anaheim Calling
Check in with SB Nation's newest hockey blog, to get some insight into depth players for the Ducks that are starting to make an impact. The Preds kick off a four-game road trip in Anaheim on Thursday.

Lastly, in order to get your Monday morning started off with a good chuckle, I bring you a Marek Zidlicky fight from Minnesota's recent game at Pittsburgh:

Honestly I like Zids as a player, but sometimes I wonder how he survives out there on NHL ice.