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Brett Wilson still waiting to join Nashville Predators ownership group?

During the euphoria of last night's big win over the Red Wings, I saw an interesting note on Twitter from @WBrettWilson, the Canadian investor and business partner of David Freeman (principal owner and chairman of the Nashville Predators):


Remembering that we've heard in the past that Wilson was planning to buy into a minority stake with the Predators, I thought I'd ask him about how things are going on that front, and sure enough, he wrote back... 

The story from several months ago was that Wilson was looking to buy into a minor stake (less than 5%) of the team, building upon partnerships that he already enjoys with Freeman in the West Tenn Diamond Jaxx minor-league baseball team, and a soccer team over in England.

With the Boots Del Biaggio bankruptcy case proceeding at a glacial pace, however, there's been no news on that front for a long, long time.  The major asset involved in that bankruptcy is Del Biaggio's minority stake (~24%) in the Predators, and until that's resolved it's hard to envision any major changes to the ownership structure taking place. So, I thought I'd just ask Wilson about it:


To my surprise, only a few minutes later, he answered the question:


You gotta love Twitter, don't you? It's not like he was going to break any major news, but it is nice to get an update straight from the horse's (or is it Dragon's?) mouth.

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