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Predators Game Preview & Thread #32 : Detroit @ Nashville


You'll have to forgive the lack of a Game Day Preview today, but the local newspaper coughed up a nasty piece of work that I had to deal with, and that took up much of my morning. It's not enough to have the Preds' biggest on-ice opponent in town tonight, but The Tennessean appears bent on running the team out of town, to boot.

As for the Red Wings, they're a wounded beast, and the Preds need to put them down decisively tonight. Without names like Hossa, Hudler and Samuelsson (left for other teams) and Franzen, Kronwall, Filppula and Cleary (injured), this Detroit team we'll see tonight is but a shadow of last year's Stanley Cup finalist. That said, the Wings are still hanging around the playoff picture, and you know that once their roster fills back up, they are capable of ripping off a long winning streak and getting back into the hunt.

Winging It In Motown is your recommended source of Wings news, while Abel to Yzerman brings the attitude, so head over the other side for a look at tonight's game as well.