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Resolution coming between the Nashville Predators and the Sommet Group?

This afternoon George Plaster, the sports director at 104.5's "Sports Zone" in Nashville broke some news about the dispute between the Nashville Predators and the Sommet Group over arena naming rights fees. Supposedly, an announcement should be forthcoming in the next day or two that an agreement has been reached and the arena will remain as "the Sommet Center."

Three weeks ago, the team filed suit over the lack of payment by the Sommet Group for arena naming rights to the Sommet Center, and the Sommet Group fired back by complaining that the Preds hadn't given their subsidiary companies enough of their business, specifically the purchase of thousands of t-shirts that the team has been giving away this season.

Obviously, putting this incident in the rear-view mirror is in the best interests of all parties involved. We return you now to your pre-game festivities....

UPDATEJ.R. Lind at the Nashville Post gets a comment from Preds' senior VP Gerry Helper as saying the two sides are talking, but have nothing to report right now. Obviously, we'll check back on this in a couple days...