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San Jose Sharks lead NHL teams with 7 Olympians so far

With all but one team left to announce its Winter Olympic hockey roster (the United States, which is doing so as part of the Winter Classic on New Year's Day), the San Jose Sharks lead all NHL teams with 7 current members named to Olympic squads so far.

Follow after the jump for a publicly available Google Spreadsheet listing the breakdown by NHL team and country...

This table notes members of announced Olympic rosters which are currently playing for NHL teams; players like Alexander Radulov, whose NHL rights are still held by the Nashville Predators even though he plays in the KHL, are not counted here. Nor are prospects who are not yet in the NHL, but have been chosen for their national squad.

The list was compiled off of the IIHF's site, and you can access this spreadsheet via Google Docs. You can click the "Detail List" tab below to see the individual players listed by NHL and Olympic team.

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