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Predators "Blog-Off" moves to Round 2

The NHL Arena's "Blog-Off" continued to Round 2 yesterday, pitting the remaining five Predators blogs against each other. In this round, aesthetic values such as design, writing style, etc. are to be considered. I encourage each of you to head over and spend some quality time examining each of the options thoroughly before voting (for OtF, of course).

Before doing so, however, I wanted to bring some unpleasant facts to your attention. I know that negative campaigning can be a controversial tactic, but the times being what they are, I'm not afraid to do what's necessary to win an election...

Before you hop over to review the candidates and cast your vote, please be aware of the following:

Preds On The Glass: A daily violator of child labor laws, Buddy also enjoys the powerful backing and support of the Columbia Daily Herald. He ain't a blog, he's MSM! Grab the pitchforks and torches!

The View From 111: Aesthetics? The guy's got white text on a black background. After spending 10 minutes reading his blog, my eyes are so screwed up I can't get out the door without bashing into a wall.

What the Puck: Blogging is a long-haul effort, requiring stability over the course of time. Let's just say I'm concerned what would happen here if Jerred Smithson ever left the team.

Pull My (Fang) Finger: A blog whose very title is built around a fart joke? While this is a new entry onto the Nashville hockey blog scene, we can't let this silent but deadly competitor rip his way through the field.

Naturally, I'm just poking in good fun - take a look and vote for your favorite. If it took Round 1 to narrow the field down to 5 Predators blogs, I have no idea how many rounds this thing will go. Just have fun with it.