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Let's get it started...

Welcome, folks, to On the Forecheck's new home here as part of SB Nation. Please register, make yourself comfortable, and come back often for what I hope you'll find to be an essential stop for all things related to the Nashville Predators, along with league-wide NHL analysis as well.

First things first, I want to thank James for inviting me to this party and Paul Kukla for hosting my work over at Kukla's Korner since the start of the season. I also want to wish the gang over there all the best going forward. Now, what are we up to over here?

If you're already a SB Nation reader (or found your way here via Yahoo! Sports), then this will be the home turf for Nashville Predators fans, with game threads, lots of analysis, and the occasional dose of silly stuff as well. For those of you familiar with On the Forecheck but new to SB Nation, what you'll find here is a community of sites that bring an extra level of interaction between fans of different teams. Besides my content, there are also an opportunity for all of you to chip in, with FanShots (let's show the hockey world what the experience is like at a Preds game), or express your thoughts (say, a criticism of the Nashville power play, for example) in a FanPost.

So to get things started, I want to get a reading on popular sentiment... are the Preds going to make a fifth straight appearance in the playoffs this spring or not?