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Shea Weber, Nashville's Star

One recurring complaint heard from Nashville Predators fans is the lack of attention given to the team and the NHL in general by the local mainstream media outlets. Besides blogs, however, there are also occassional gems found in places like the alternative weekly newspaper.

Pete Kotz of the Nashville Scene provides just such a piece on Shea Weber, Nashville's (locally) underappreciated star:

In a town where hockey is forced to ride coach after football and basketball, Weber's virtually unknown outside the Predator faithful.

But around the NHL, he's now regarded as one of the most promising young defensemen in the world, the equivalent of the five-tool baseball player. He can shoot, pass, skate, hit and fight—all while playing with remarkable agility. Considering these skills only show up in one body every five to 10 years, you begin to understand why the rest of the league is gushing.