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A new Prospectus for NHL analysis

Baseball stat geeks have long enjoyed the work of Baseball Prospectus, but today over at AOL's NHL Fanhouse, Adam Gretz has an interview with Will Carroll about the debut this week of Puck Prospectus, which appears to be designed to bring the same style of analysis to the NHL:

AG: With the way statistical analysis has taken off in some baseball front offices (Billy Beane in Oakland, Theo Epstein in Boston as a few examples) do you see a day in the future when front offices in hockey follow a similar path? Or is it already happening? I imagine it would take one team committing to it and having success with it.

WC: It's happening to some extent, but we're hoping to help grow it. If the teams see value in what we're doing, they'll adopt it in some measure, just as they have in the other sports.

Will also provides an introductory article which covers the various points of analysis they'll pursue; I highly recommend bookmarking Puck Prospectus and seeing how things develop over there, it's always good to welcome another set of geeks to the continuing discussion!