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Predators Game Thread #63: Detroit @ Nashville


Kudos per usual to Smashville for providing the header

For those of you going to tonight's contest (including you, Mirtle), be ready to make some noise, as this represents a huge opportunity for the Predators; they've made good progress in the playoff hunt over the last four weeks, and an upset win over Detroit would be a huge shot in the arm to their chances.

Word has it that Section 303 has something special in store for tonight, so color me curious...

For those of you not going (and that includes me tonight), the game is on Fox Sports TN in HD, so fire up the tube and hang out here to comment on the game. One cool thing about the comments section here is that when other people contribute, they comments show up automagically, you don't have to refresh your browser. If you're at the game, since this platform doesn't support mobile commenting (yet), I recommend using Twitter and following the @PredFans account. For all the details on how to join the PredFans conversation, head here.

As for the opposition, Winging It In Motown and Abel to Yzerman have their Game Threads going as well, so expect some crossfire from the Detroit fans. I'll be checking in on those venues to see how the mood is. A2Y's already downplaying their chances, despite the way the Wings have rolled through the month so far:

However, I have enough left in the tank to say that tonite’s game in Nashville is exactly the type the Wings are destined to lose. Second night of a back-to-back, following some hasty travel, against a team that is fighting (as always) for its playoff lives, in front of a crowd that hates the Red Wings almost as much as they love swapping spit with their cousins.

Oh yeah, this should be a good one...