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Nashville Predators Update, March 10 2009

As we get ready for the game with the Washington Capitals this evening, here's the latest scoop on our Preds:

David Boclair at the Nashville City Paper talks with Scott Nichol about his expected return tonight after missing nearly three months with a concussion.  “You wake up every day and you ask yourself, ‘How do I feel? Am I ready to go?’” the Nashville Predators’ center said. “For two months, I woke up with a headache.”

Gary Musick Productions, which apparently was involved in the Predators "Club 501 Disco Ball" Sunday night, has more pictures from what looks like a very fun event.

The University of Tennessee's Young Alumni had a group outing to the Preds victory over Columbus on March 5, which included a reception with team chairman David Freeman, a fellow UT graduate.