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Predators Update, March 11 2009

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On the heels of last night's OT loss to Washington, here's the word on our Preds this morning:

Now that his KHL team has been eliminated from the playoffs, John Glennon says that David Poile "isn't absolutely, positively ruling out the possibility" of Alexander Radulov's return to the team. That still sounds light-years away from anything substantive happening on that front, but Nashville could sorely use his offensive talents.

Cycle Like the Sedins gives Pekka Rinne some run as one of the unheralded heroes of the NHL season so far.

James Mirtle gives us Part 2 of his Nashville saga, this time chronicling the issue of attendance; how the team has performed over the years, and the obstacles they face going forward.

Michael Cass reports on a proposal by the Preds ownership to develop some retail properties in the Sommet Center, which would be accessible from the street and create more business for the arena outside of game time. It's an intriguing idea that might generate more value for all parties involved.

Personally, I think the team needs to set up a couple coffee stands (like Starbucks kiosks) near the exits, as I'm sure they'd do a brisk business with people leaving the game and getting ready for the drive home.