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NHL Penalty Plus/Minus: St. Patrick's Day Edition

Welcome to the St. Patty's edition of the NHL Penalty Plus/Minus update, your weekly review of which players draw the calls that give their teams a power play, and which guys are sitting in the penalty box watching their mates try to bail them out on the PK...

So who's on top this week? A familiar trio for regular readers here...

#1: Dustin "Mc"Brown, Los Angeles Kings: This fine broth of a lad is running away with the Penalty Plus/Minus title this year, in a repeat performance from last season.

#2: Jarome "O"Ginla, Calgary Flames:  It's funny how some see this as an "off" year for the Flames captain, since he's only 6th in NHL scoring at this point. His ability to put his team on the power play, however, is easily overlooked.

#3: Patrick O'Sullivan, Edmonton Oilers: The "Luck o' the Irish" surely shines on this fortuitously-monickered forward, who was just traded to Edmonton a mere fortnight ago.

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