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Nashville Predators MSM Update, March 2 2009

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It's Monday morning, so let's see what the press is saying about our Preds:

As Smashville noted, the National Post's Noah Love speculated that Nashville might put in a claim on Sean Avery as he goes through reentry waivers, because "Avery would generate the headlines that could bring their attendance numbers up to qualify for the NHL's revenue sharing agreement." Quite simply, this is one of the most ridiculous notions I've read in quite a while. While it's possible (but extremely unlikely) that David Poile might pick up Avery for valid hockey reasons, taking on a contract with 3 years left for short-term ticket sales is insanity.

John Glennon at the Tennessean points out that while fans are excited to see the team within a hair of 8th place in the Western Conference, 5th place isn't much further ahead, and the opportunity to avoid Detroit and San Jose in the 1st round should spur the Predators to aim for the highest seed possible.

John then highlights the durability of Pekka Rinne, crediting his time in the AHL with preparing him well for his present success. He also provides an injury update on Martin Erat.

And finally, this quote from, provided by Cam Hutchinson: Jeff Funnekotter, on Calgary investor and Saskatchewan favourite son Brett Wilson having a handshake agreement with the NHL to purchase the Nashville Predators: ``This is similar to the deal the league had with Jim Balsillie, except at that time the league extended only one finger.''