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Sunday scoreboard watching

Last night was a pretty good one for the Nashville Predators' playoff chances, primarily due to San Jose beating Dallas 5-2, keeping the Stars 3 points behind the Preds. A brutal blow was dealt to Dallas when Brad Richards, who had just returned from a wrist injury, broke his left hand.

Going by the numbers run over at, the Preds' odds of making the NHL postseason rose marginally up to 33.9%. So what's on today's scoreboard that we need to pay attention to?

Edmonton @ Minnesota, 2:00 Central: Judging from yesterday's poll, folks want to see Edmonton win this one, and in terms of simply making the playoffs, that would be the preferred option for the Preds. It's crucial that this one gets settled in regulation.

Phoenix @ Anaheim, 7:00 Central: The Coyotes are in spoiler mode, and  if they can get a Ducks defenseman to throw the puck in his own net like Shane O'Brien did for Vancouver, they might have a shot at keeping Anaheim tied with Dallas, 3 points behind Nashville.

Enjoy the games, folks!