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Predators Update, March 23 2009

It's Monday morning, so along with that second cup of coffee, here's your Predators news to start your day:

David Boclair at the Nashville City Paper points out that even without Jason Arnott on his line, J.P. Dumont continues to pile up the assists, having already tied the career-high 43 he tallied last season.

James Mirtle takes a look at trends in announced attendance at various NHL rinks; Nashville is slightly negative, down 147 over last season. It appears that's because the team is giving fewer tickets away per game, while selling several hundred more.

Adrian Dater, who writes for the Denver Post, discusses an encounter with Jibblescribbits, an Avs blogger. It's an interesting insight into the "newspaper vs. bloggers" dynamic from the ink-stained wretch's point of view. I had a bried email exchange with Adrian last week over what I saw as a mischaracterization of the "Preds owners buying tickets" story, and found him very cordial.

Lastly, Paul McCann highlights some irony in the Tennessean's bizarre off-ice stories related to the Predators last week. While they blew the initial story and yet still tried to cast the team in a poor light over the ticket-tax fiasco, the editor of the paper posted a lengthy opinion piece about how, despite all the media talk of newspapers being in trouble, the Tennessean is adjusting successfully and that the negative hype is overblown.

Perhaps, then, he'd like to do something about the negative spin his own paper is providing about the Predators, a business which is also adjusting successfully in a difficult business climate, and despite the newspaper's innuendo, is paying its obligations to the city as intended by both parties?