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Nashville Predators MSM Update, March 4 2009

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Happy Exelauno Day, everybody! And here I thought my two semesters of Ancient Greek would never amount to anything.  Let's see what the media has for us this morning relative to the Nashville Predators:

Brett Wilson, who is working on purchasing a minority share of the team, also appears interested in bringing a Canadian Football League franchise to the province of Saskatoon.  It would appear that he's taking advantage of market conditions to place a major long-term investment in the sports world between these two ventures, and his partnership with David Freeman in minor league baseball and British soccer.

2008 1st-round draft pick Chet Pickard sustained a concussion when an opposing player ran him in the crease, reports the Tri-City Herald. That incident touched off a major slugfest between the Tri-City Americans and their rival Spokane Chiefs; just check out the penalty summary over at Wrap Around Curl, and the video over at  I Mean, We Got Guys...  Pickard won't play for at least a few more days while the team monitors his status.

John Glennon at the Tennessean highlights the suddenly high-flying offense for the Predators, which has now racked up more goals in the last four games than they scored in the entire month of December. He also notes that 2007's 1st-round pick, Jonathan Blum, is out of action with a seperated shoulder.

Toronto's Nik Antropov was asked by Lance Hornby at the Toronto Sun about rumors that he might be involved in a trade to the Predators:

Antropov joked about his taste in country music.

“I don’t like it at all,” the club's second-highest scorer laughed before heading to the shower.

Don't worry, Nik, neither do I. Just like me, you'd like it here, though.

Stu Hackel at the New York Times Slap Shot blog lays out the likely assets which David Poile might have to deal with. As expected, it focuses on upcoming UFA's like Ville Koistinen, Greg de Vries and Radek Bonk.

And lastly, a Happy Birthday goes out to my twins, Haines and Hillary, who turn 7 today. Haines just started playing the game of hockey in the last few months (and he scored his first goal in a scrimmage on Saturday), and Mr. Poile, I can tell you they're looking for something special as a birthday present. Just don't trade away Dan Ellis to get it, because he's Hillary's favorite Predator.