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Nashville Predators MSM Update, March 6 2009

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After notching their sixth straight win last night over Columbus, here's what the papers are saying about our Preds:

As Smashville noted late last night, the Columbus Dispatch gave credit to "Randy Jones" for the second Nashville goal last night. Funny stuff, but hey, we all make typos sometimez.

John Glennon's update at the Tennessean touches on scoring depth and Shea Weber's recent knuckle-throwing, but most interestingly, discusses why the Predators didn't make a move to acquire Miro Satan, who was available on waivers earlier this week, including the fact that the Penguins tried to trade Satan to Nashville at one point:

"He was offered to us, but what they wanted in return, I didn't want to do that,'' Trotz said. "Then he went on waivers and to me, he just wasn't the right fit. He's not a Predator.''

This sets my mind a little more at ease, considering that they've examined his fit with the team and rejected it already even before the waiver took place. It's too bad it took so long for someone in the MSM to dig into this question!

The Toronto Sun reports that the Predators were never in the market for Maple Leafs forward Alexei Ponikarovsky, despite some rumors to the contrary. mentions that the Philadelphia Flyers lost center Daniel Briere in last night's loss to Calgary with the dreaded "lower body injury". The Preds take on the Flyers in Philly on Saturday. Briere only recently came off injured reserve, and has only played 13 games this year.

UPDATE: Puck Daddy gives Shea Weber some run for his recent string of fighting majors.

NOTE: The posting will be pretty light here for the next couple days as I head out of town for a funeral. There will still be the Game Day Preview and Game Thread for tomorrow's match with the Flyers, and feel free to post your own articles or pictures as a FanPost or FanShot. I'll check in to promote the best into the main feed. Enjoy the big win last night!