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Game Thread #82: Nashville @ Minnesota

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This is it, folks; the final game of the regular season, and a chance at the playoffs. If the Preds wins and the Blues lose at home to Columbus, we're in. Jump into the discussion below as this unpredictable end-of-the-season run takes one more turn. In the meantime...

  • An example of how a non-traditional NHL market grows: one fanatic at a time.
  • Up in Minnesota, some are already looking forward to Marian Gaborik signing elsewhere as a free agent.
  • The View From 111 is getting hyped...
  • Take a look at the FanPosts and FanShots in the right sidebar; there are interesting new entries about which opponent Detroit would prefer, and the question of whether the Wild might pull their goalie in the 3rd tonight, even if the game is just tied. Feel free to contribute your own, as well!