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Predators news, April 13 2009

Sure, they're out of the playoffs, but there's still Nashville Predators news to share with you this morning:

  • John Glennon details the offensive struggles that plagued the Preds this year. In my opinion, it wasn't the late-season injuries that kept them out of the playoffs, it was that woeful stretch in December and January that did them in.
  • In more "water is wet" news, Glennon writes that making the playoffs would have been a nice financial boost to the team. They should still earn a small profit thanks to improved attendance and qualification for full NHL revenue sharing, but even a short playoff run can mean an extra couple million to the bottom line. There's also the notion that the playoffs help boost interest in season ticket sales and sponsorships for next season.
  • Minnesota coach Jacques Lemaire has decided to leave the Wild. He's the only coach that franchise has ever known, and it will be interesting to see the direction they take this summer. Not only do they have to replace the bench boss, but franchise winger Marian Gaborik is likely leaving as a free agent.
  • The schedule for the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs has been announced, beginning on Wednesday. Expect lots of previews here in the next couple days, as well as a recap of the Predators season.