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Hockey Night in Canada gets its Twitter on

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Some of the fine folks from Hockey Night in Canada have jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, in another refreshing outreach into new media (see the HNIC segment with three prominent bloggers from earlier this week). So here are some fresh faces you should be following:

@CassieCampbell: One of the top women hockey players in the world, and a regular contributor to HNIC.

@ScottOake: Hosts HNIC "After Hours", which is a wonderful show after the late game on Saturday nights, featuring some of the very best hockey talk on television.

@KellyHrudey: Former NHL goaltender and regular studio analyst on HNIC. Always quick to slam Jordin Tootoo as a hockey player.

@JeffMarek: Host of HNIC radio

@FriedmanHNIC: Reporter for HNIC, did a great piece on hockey bloggers last season: