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Working on my first 5K

I'm making a run to 5K, but I'm not going to get there without your help. No, this isn't about getting my butt out the door for some running (although that wouldn't be a bad idea), my goal here is reach 5,000 followers on Twitter, the internet sensation that's sweeping the nation. Well, SB Nation at least...

The SB Nation network of sports blogs is getting on the Twitter train, and we're holding a bit of an internal competition to see which blog's Twitter account can reach 5,000 followers first. So NHL fans, and most particularly Nashville Predators fans, I'm asking for your help to beat the rest of the pack to that elusive goal. If you don't follow me yet, head over to @Forechecker and hop on. If you already follow me on Twitter, please consider sending something like the following:

Help a hockey blogger out: follow @Forechecker


Aren't you sick of seeing the Red Wings atop the list? Follow @Forechecker!

The good news, is, we've got a real shot at this. Out of 115 SB Nation blogs participating in this challenge, I currently sit 4th with 1,041 followers. Winging It In Motown, the Detroit Red Wings blog, leads the pack with 1,588 (so the NHL is well represented so far!)

Here's how the leaderboard looks right now:

 Blog  Twitter Screen Name  Followers
 Winging It In Motown  behindthejersey  1588 
 Waggle Room  waggleroom  1354 
 CelticsBlog  celticsblog  1074 
 On the Forecheck  Forechecker  1041 
 Welcome to Loud City  WTLC  1008 

You can check out the entire list over here.

So friends, Romans, countrymen, whoever the heck is out there... let's see if we can push a hockey blogger, much less one in a (gasp!) non-traditional hockey market, past the rest of SB Nation's burgeoning competition to the coveted 5,000 followers mark.

Who's with me???