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Steve Sullivan: Will he stay or will he go?

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John Glennon's update this afternoon brings us the latest on the Steve Sullivan situation. Put simply, he'd like to stay in Nashville, but wants to check on what his value might be on the open market.

The problem, however, is that Sully can't talk to other teams prior to the July 1 start of NHL free agency, but once July 1 hits, Predators GM David Poile has to start looking elsewhere as well:

Complications can arise on both sides once a player makes the decision to test the market.

“Once you’re offered something, it’s not like you can say, ‘Thanks a lot, new team. I’d like to go back to Nashville and ask them if they would match that,’ ’’ Poile said. “It usually doesn’t work that way.

This is a very unusual situation, since there is bound to be uncertainty over Sully's long-term health given all the back issues, but he undoubtedly is still a Top Six-caliber offensive presence.

I'm guessing that this doesn't get settled until mid-June at the earliest...