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Welcome, new readers...

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A big development comes today for On the Forecheck, as this humble site's feed is now included as part of Yahoo! Sports' coverage of the Nashville Predators. For those of you who are arriving here via Yahoo!, you should be able to sign in using your Yahoo! ID if you'd like to participate in the comments.

If you're checking out the Preds team page at Yahoo!, or one of the stories about a game involving Nashville, you'll see links to related stories from On the Forecheck included. Obviously this is big news around here, as Yahoo! Sports is the top sports site on the web, and I look forward to an influx of new folks. Feel free to surf through the Archive you'll find at the bottom of the main page, or stories highlighted in the right sidebar.  Or if you like, I can suggest a few starters:

So please, take a look around, make yourself comfortable, and come back often.