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Preds launch two new websites

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This morning the Nashville Predators launched a new initiative at building corporate sponsorships and high-end ticket sales with two new websites, and

The following comes from the Preds:

The Nashville Predators announced today the development and launch of two distinct Web sites designed to educate, inform and promote their efforts in both corporate partnerships and premium seats. These sites will allow the Predators to more effectively communicate with local, regional and national companies and agencies about the benefits of advertising and corporate hospitality in Nashville, at the Sommet Center and with the Predators.

Each site provides unique descriptions, imagery and demographics as well as an interactive component giving users the ability to inquire about specific items of interest. The corporate partnerships site in particular hosts a secure library of all Predators and Sommet Center logos for use by approved partners, agencies and media outlets.

"These new sites represent an alternative and effective way for an organization to communicate and promote our products," Executive Vice President and Chief Sales Officer Chris Parker said. "They provide us with the ability to engage potential and existing customers on their terms – no matter where they are located. Most significantly, these Web sites provide us with a 24-hour-a-day sales vehicle."

The Corporate Partnership site is interesting, in that it outlines the various means by which companies can buy into the Preds, for example by advertising in the programs distributed at each game, getting a spot on the team's website, or all the way up to putting your logo up on the Megatron. The guidelines are included right there in terms of file formats and image sizing, which presumably makes it that much easier for companies to try different options out and see what works best for them before they even have to engage with the organization.

The Premium Seating site digs into the corporate hospitality side of things, including options like purchasing seats between the two teams' benchesleasing suites, and the one I'd like to try sometime, the Table Top.

Together, the two represent an extension to the team's sales effort, and we'll have to wait and see if this helps the Preds with their uphill struggle to build corporate support in the Nashville market.