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Behind every great NHL Tweetup is a good woman

Last night's Preds on the Glass podcast featured, among other guests, @Dani3boyz from Twitter, the hockey mom from Long Island who was the driving force behind the legion of NHL Tweetups that were conducted across North America as the Stanley Cup Playoffs got under way. It's a great interview about how these gatherings almost spontaneously combusted once the idea was put forth, and generated some very positive press for the NHL.

For those of you who might be wondering what the whole deal is about Twitter, she sums it up very nicely with a comparison: "Twitter is full of people I want to know going forward, Facebook is people from the past. And I'm all about moving forward."

I couldn't have said it better myself; on Twitter (where I can be found as @Forechecker), you're constantly getting exposed to new and interesting people with similar interests. Facebook, while an enjoyable diversion, feels more like an evening digging through old school yearbooks.