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Predators Update, April 7 2009

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There's a big game tonight at the Sommet Center, but for now, let's check out the news and notes on your Preds...


  • Now that the 14,000 paid attendance target is a certainty, John Glennon says it can be worth as much as $10 million to the team.
  • Glennon's afternoon update yesterday mentioned that Ryan Jones might be ready to play against the Blackhawks tonight, but Wade Belak is likely done for the entire week. It looks like Antti Pihlstrom might return either Thursday or Friday.
  • 2007 1st-round pick Jonathan Blum is the WHL's Player of the Week.
  • Barry Trotz complained to Adam Proteau of The Hockey News about 3 point games, and how the NHL needs to come up with a system that weighs all games equally. I say, either give 3 points every game (3 for a regulation win, 2 for an OT/SO win, 1 for an OT/SO loss, and 0 for a regulation loss) or go to simple wins and losses, period.
  • While the Preds are juggling the lineup and hoping players recover from injury, their main competition for the last playoff spot, the St. Louis Blues, are seeking "emotional balance." What, is Dr. Phil behind their bench now?