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Predators News, April 9 2009

As the boys head into tonight's game against the Red Wings, here's the word on the team from around the MSM and hockey blogs:

  • Larry Wigge at has a profile of Jason Arnott as a team leader. You certainly can't complain about the 3 goals he's scored in two games since returning from a concussion.
  • David Boclair at the Nashville City Paper points that the Predators are no longer in control of their own destiny; even if they win out, St. Louis can stay ahead by winning both of their remaining games.
  • John Glennon points out that since the Blue Jackets clinched their first-ever playoff berth last night, they might not be highly motivated for their game in St. Louis tomorrow.
  • At least the Preds aren't intimidated heading into Detroit any more, mostly due to the strong showing they gave in the playoffs last spring.
  • Them Blue Jackets fans are understandably delirious over their team right now.
  • Paul McCann and Buddy Oakes set the mood for this evening; it's desperation time as the Preds sit two points behind St. Louis and Anaheim with two games to play. If they end up tied, they'd beat the Blues on tiebreakers, and lose to Anaheim (due to the number of overall wins).