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A Nashville NHLTweetup is in the works...

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Preparations are under way to organize an NHL Tweetup in Nashville, for the evening of Wednesday, April 15th, to celebrate the opening of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

What's a Tweetup, you may ask, and what, in particular, is an NHL Tweetup?

Basically, a Tweetup is a gathering of folks who use Twitter, the social networking/microblogging sensation (you can find me at @Forechecker). People who "tweet" back and forth on the internet occasionally get together in public for one cause or another, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs are as good a reason as any to rally the crowd!

This all started when Michael DiLorenzo (@umassdilo) organized an event at the NHL store in New York City, and soon the buzz began working its way around to make this a multi-city event, all taking place on the first night of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the greatest postseason tournament in professional sports.

George Scoville and Molly Pearson (better known on Twitter as @stackiii and @mollypearson) have been pounding the pavement today to identify potential venues for a Nashville gathering, and they've narrowed the candidates down to five. So go ahead and vote on where you think it should take place, and stay tuned for further developments!

NOTE: Voting's over, and The Closing Bell wins!