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Colin Wilson comes to Nashville

Prior to today's Open House at the Sommet Center, Nashville Predators prospect Colin Wilson met with the Nashville media prior to signing autographs and meeting fans. Jim Diamond at the Examiner and Preds On The Glass (which includes video) have all the details on Wilson's comments about participating in the World Championships, and his summer plans before coming to training camp in Nashville this fall.

Buddy Oakes from Preds On The Glass gives us an encouraging glimpse into Wilson's demeanor, via a meeting between Wilson and Buddy's teenage son (and partner in crime at POTG) Jackson:

At the press conference, we got to witness a couple of really neat things. Prior to the interview Colin Wilson was given his first real Predator jersey with his name and number 33 sewn on the back. The jersey that he was given at the draft was a Velcro model so names could have been interchanged depending on who was taken.

The second thing that really says a lot about Wilson's character was that after the presser, he saw Jackson standing behind the rest of the crowd and he walked over to him and introduced himself. On the surface, it doesn't seem like a big thing, but many kids his age, in and out of sports, don't have the manners and courtesy to even notice that there was someone in a group of ten or so folks that he had not been introduced to.

Be sure to check out the following video from POTG; Wilson seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and can string together the interview cliches like a 10-year veteran.