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Nashville's Twittering Sports Heroes

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John Glennon at the Tennessean jumps on the Twitter bandwagon, with a piece that gets to the heart of why athletes like the Nashville Predators' Steve Sullivan (@Sully26) and the Tennessee Titans Alge Crumpler (@GetCrump) participate in the microblogging phenomenon:

"Fans always want to know a little more about you than just the hockey player,'' Sullivan said. "They want a taste of the personal life, and I don't mind giving them that. I think it makes it a little more intriguing for the fan.''

Said Crumpler: "I think we'll see more of it in football because it's a helmet world on the field. A lot of people don't really get a chance to identify with us outside of the helmet.''

There's even quite a bit from Paul Nicholson (@pwnicholson), an active Twitterer and the man behind @PredFans, the group Twitter account that facilitates hockey tweeting in Nashville.

The only thing missing from this article? An announcement by Glennon that he's establising a Twitter account. Come on, John, get with the program already!

And don't forget, folks, you can catch me at @Forechecker. I've got the #2 NHL-related account in the SB Nation Twitter 5K, and I need your help to keep up with the leading pack!

So which Nashville Predators (or NHL players in general) would you like to see on Twitter? Keep in mind that many have been trained to avoid all controversy with public statements, so what we need are guys (like Sully) who speak their mind freely and have something interesting to say.