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Monday morning news & notes

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SB Nation rolled out a number of dynamite new features this morning, and one of those helps me more easily gather interesting news & notes from around the web. So here's some recommended reading for you this morning:

Finally, there's this odd note from the KHL that I just received. While they angle to entice more NHL players over to Russia to play in their league, two teams are in danger of being folded (check out Mirtle for much more on this):

KHL BOD to Decide Participation of Khimik and Vityaz in Upcoming Season

Automobilist Ekaterinburg Files for Participation


The question of the future participation of the Khimik and Vityaz hockey clubs in the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) will be considered following the KHL Board of Director’s review of settlement documents related to arrears salary payments to players and coaches, as well as overall financing plans for the clubs moving forward.


The KHL Board of Directors expects to make a ruling at the next Board meeting in late June.  As a result of the clubs’ status with the KHL being in limbo they have been barred from participating in the KHL junior entry draft on Monday, June 1.


Meanwhile, the Automobilist hockey club from Ekatrinburg has filed an application to participate in the KHL’s 2009/2010 season.  Pending formal approval, Automobilist will be participating in the June 1 entry draft with their selections being the final ones of each round.