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The KHL wants your children!

Now that Russia's KHL is on-board with strict standards regarding "contract jumping" between leagues, they've taken the next logical step in their quest to compete with the NHL for elite talent. They've held an Entry Draft that targets 17 year-olds, players who are still one year away from eligibility for the NHL Entry Draft.

The press release from the KHL along with the draft listing follows after the jump, and there are some interesting names included. Do you think Victor Hedman might rather play for Spartak Moscow than in the NHL? And what's Jiri Tlusty doing on there? Is the KHL going to come out with a "Naughty Boys of Russian Hockey" calendar or something?

Results of KHL Junior Entry Draft


The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) held its first junior entry draft today with 23 KHL clubs selecting players with a minimum age of 17 years old.  The 91 draftees came from the following categories: graduates of non-KHL Russian hockey schools, graduates of KHL club hockey schools with no contractual obligation to the parent KHL club and international (non-Russian) hockey players.


The draft procedure consisted of four rounds, with the initial sequence reflecting the clubs’ results from the KHL’s 2008/2009 season.   As is customary in other professional sports drafts, KHL clubs were able to trade selection positions both prior to and during the draft.


The first pick of the KHL junior entry draft was 20 year old defenseman Mikhail Pashnin of Chelyabinsk by CSKA Moscow.  CSKA moved up in the draft moments before it began by trading their position in the first, second and third rounds to Dynamo Minsk for the opportunity to pick first overall.


Selecting today’s draft picks gives the players’ rights to the KHL club, but does not obligate the player to immediately terminate his contract with his current team.  KHL clubs have the exclusive right to finalize a contract with their draftees from Russian hockey schools until April 30th of the year in which the player will turn 22 years old.  The term of the initial contract will also run until April 30th of the year the player turns 22 years of age.  Meanwhile, KHL clubs hold the right to finalize contracts with international hockey players selected in the KHL junior entry draft until April 30th of the year the player turns 28 years old.


If a player has not been invited to sign a contract by the team that selected him in the KHL junior entry draft by August 1, 2009, the player has the right to negotiate with any other international (non-KHL) hockey club.  If a player refuses to sign a contract with the KHL team who selected him, the club reserves the player’s KHL rights until April 30th of the year in which the player turns 28 years old.


The first sentence in that last paragraph is quite interesting; if you're a Swedish player, for example, who gets drafted by a KHL club, what leverage could they possibly have to say that your rights to negotiate with another international team don't apply until August 1? If such a player (of sufficient age) were selected in the NHL draft later this month and wanted to sign with an NHL club, I would think he'd be perfectly free to do so - the KHL doesn't get "dibs" just because one of their clubs drafted him first. Drafts only apply to player rights within a league, not across them.

Here's the complete list of the four-round draft. Check out some of the names, as KHL clubs have chosen a few North American players along with the expected raft of Russian youngsters:

 KHL Entry Draft   1st round
? KHL Club Player's name Junior team
1  CSKA Moscow (from Dynamo Minsk)  D Mikhail Pashnin  Mechel Chelyabinsk
2  Dynamo Minsk (from Metallurg Novokuznetsk)  F Mikhail Stefanovich  Quebec Remparts (QMJHL)
3  Amur Khabarovsk  G Dmitry Shikin  Kristall Elektrostal
4  Sibir Novosibirsk  D Nikita Zaitsev  MHC Krylia Sovetov
5  HC MVD Moscow Reg.  -  
6  Severstal Cherepovets  D Dmitry Gromov  MHC Krylia Sovetov
7  Avangard Omsk Reg.  -  
8  SKA St Peterburg  G Harri Sateri  Tappara Tampere (FIN)
9  Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk  F Vadim Yaschuk  HC Belgorod
10  Severstal Cherepovets (from Lada)  F Ignat Zemchenko  MHC Krylia Sovetov
11  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Traktor)  D Evgeni Molotilov  Guelph Storm (OHL)
12  SKA St Peterburg (from Spartak)  G Ramis Sadikov  Rus Moscow
13  Dynamo Riga  F Roberts Bukarts  Krylia Sovetov
14  SKA St Peterburg (from Spartak)  F Vladimir Ruzicka  Plzen (CZE)
15  SKA St Peterburg  F Tomas Tatar  Zvolen (SVK)
16  Dynamo Moscow  F Andrei Bykov  Fribourg (SWI)
17  Metallurg Magnitogorsk  D Alexander Savoskin  Krylia Sovetov
18  Dynamo Minsk (from CSKA)  D Kirill Gotovets  Shattuck St. Mary (USHL)
19  Lokomotiv Yaroslavl  F Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson  Timra (SWE)
20  Atlant Moscow Reg.  D Stefan Stepanov  Krylia Sovetov
21  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Ak Bars)  F Alexander Shevchenko  HC Belgorod
22  Lada Togliatti (from Salavat Yulaev)  D Evgeni Rybnitsky  Izhstal Izhevsk
23  Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg  F Ondrei Roman  Vitkovice (CZE)
   2nd round
? KHL Club Player's name Junior team
24  Dynamo Minsk  F Teemu Pulkkinen  Jokerit Helsinki (FIN)
25  SKA St. Peterburg (from Metallurg Novokuznetsk)  F Andrei Leonov  Kristall Elektrostal
26  Amur Khabarovsk  F Artem Tomilin  Krylia Sovetov
27  Sibir Novosibirsk  F Michal Repik  Rochester (AHL)
28  Spartak Moscow (from HC MVD)  F Alexander Gogolev  MHC Krylia Sovetov
29  Severstal Cherepovets  F Vitaly Popov  MHC Krylia Sovetov
30  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Avangard)  D Roman Rukavishnikov  Rus Moscow
31  Dynamo Moscow (from Barys)  D Alexander Ataev  Krylia Sovetov
32  Lokomotiv Yaroslavl (from Neftekhimik)  D Erik Karlsson  Vastra-Frolunda Goteborg (SWE)
33  CSKA Moscow (from Lada)  F Yuri Sheremetiev  Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL)
34  SKA St. Peterburg(from Traktor)  F Antonin Melka  Kladno (CZE)
35  Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod  F Kaspars Daugavins  Ottawa 67s (OHL)
36  Dynamo Riga  F Roberts Jekimovs  Brynas (SWE)
37  Spartak Moscow  F Artem Voronin  MHC Krylia Sovetov
38  Metallurg Novokuznetsk (from SKA)  -  
39  SKA St. Peterburg (from Dynamo Moscow)  D Juri Niemi  Saskatoon Blades (WHL)
40  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Metallurg Magnitogorsk)  F Mattias Tedenby  HV-71 Jonkoping (SWE)
41  Dynamo Minsk (from CSKA)  F Mikael Granlund  Karpat Oulu (FIN)
42  Lokomotiv Yaroslavl  G Jaroslav Janus  Erie Otters (OHL)
43  Atlant Moscow Reg.  F Jiri Tlusty  Toronto (AHL)
44  Ak Bars Kazan  -  
45  Salavat Yulaev Ufa  D Mikhail Grigoriev  Yuzhny Ural Orsk
46  Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg  F Alexei Filippov  MHC Krylia Sovetov
   3rd round
? KHL Club Player's name Junior team
47  Atlant Moscow Reg.  G Petr Eremin  Kristall Elektrostal
48  Dynamo Minsk  F Artem Demkov  Cape-Breton (QMJHL)
49  Metallurg Novokuznetsk  D Georgi Dulnev  Kristall Elektrostal
50  Spartak Moscow (from Amur)  F Sergei Chistyakov  Kristall Elektrostal
51  Sibir Novosibirsk  F Simon Hjalmarsson  Boras (SWE)
52  HC MVD Moscow Reg.  -  
53  Severstal Cherepovets  D Kirill Sviyazov  MHC Krylia Sovetov
54  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Avangard)  D Artem Venskel  Vityaz Chekhov
55  Barys Astana  D Boris Novikov  Krylia Sovetov
56  Dynamo Moscow (from Neftekhimik)  F Zach Kassian  Peterboro (OHL)
57  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Traktor)  D Egor Antropov  White Bears Moscow
58  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Torpedo)  F David Kveton  Trinec (CZE)
59  Dynamo Riga  F Ainars Podzins  Krylia Sovetov
60  Spartak Moscow  F Juraj Mikus  Skalica (SVK)
61  SKA St. Peterburg  F Jacob Josefson  Djurgardens (Swe)
62  Dynamo Moscow  D Eric Gudbranson  Kingston (OHL)
63  Metallurg Magnitogorsk  F Marat Zaripov  Mechel Chelyabinsk
64  Dynamo Minsk (from CSKA)  G Yuri Lavretsky  Kapitan Stupino
65  Lokomotiv Yaroslavl  F Nikolai Suslo  HC Gomel (BLR)
66  Atlant Moscow Reg.  G Jonas Enroth  Portland (AHL)
67  Atlant Moscow Reg. (from Ak Bars)  F Oleg Li  Quebec (QMJHL)
68  Salavat Yulaev Ufa  F Ivanovsky Ilya  Vityaz Chekhov
69  Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg  F Richard Panik  Trinec (CZE)
   4th round
? KHL Club Player's name Junior team
70  Dynamo Minsk  D Sergei Sheleg  Sudbury (OHL)
71  Metallurg Novokuznetsk  D Maksim Matushkin  Bjorkloven (SWE)
72  Lada Togliatti (from Amur)  -  
73  Sibir Novosibirsk  D Kristofer Berglund  Sundsval (SWE)
74  CSKA Moscow (from HC MVD)  F Alexander Fedoseev  MHC Krylia Sovetov
75  Severstal Cherepovets  F Artur Ganzvind  MHC Krylia Sovetov
76  Avangard Omsk Reg.  D Alexander Toropov  Avangard Jr Omsk Reg.
77  Barys Astana  D Kirill Alenikov  Metallurg Magnitogorsk
78  Dynamo Moscow (from Neftekhimik)  D Miro Hovinen  Jokerit (FIN)
79  Lada Togliatti  F Sergei Ryabukhin  CSK VVS Samara
80  SKA St. Peterburg (from Traktor)  D Michal Jordan  Plymouth (OHL)
81  Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod  D Alexander Frolenkov  White Bears Moscow
82  Dynamo Riga  F Andris Dzerins  Kingston (OHL)
83  Spartak Moscow  D Victor Hedman  MoDo (SWE)
84  Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk (from Dynamo Moscow)  F Pavel Bondarevsky  Rus Moscow
85  Metallurg Magnitogorsk  D Oliver Ekman-Larsson  Leksands (SWE)
86  Metallurg Magnitogorsk (from CSKA)  D Simon Bertilsson  Brynas (SWE)
87  Lokomotiv Yaroslavl  F Toni Rajala  Ilves (FIN)
88  Atlant Moscow Reg.  D Dmitry Shvidenko  Spartak Moscow
89  Ak Bars Kazan  F Taylor Hall  Windsor (OHL)
90  Salavat Yulaev Ufa  D Egor Martynov  Mechel Chelyabinsk
91  Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg  D Kirill Badulin  Mechel Chelyabinsk