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Jim Balsillie declares "Make It Seven" day

As the legal battle over the Phoenix Coyotes continues, Jim Balsillie is ramping his PR campaign north of the border to a fevered pitch. Not only do they have a catchy jingle (seen below), but Balsillie is calling for Friday June 19 to be "Make It Seven" day, a demonstration by Canadian hockey fans that they deserve another team.  Of course, we should keep in mind that by "Make It Seven", it's pretty clear that Balsillie means "Make the 7th team mine, located where I want it, on exactly my terms and schedule."  Some Canadian commenters have pointed out that Balsillie's flag-waving is getting a bit over the top. I don't see the Make It Seven folks jumping on board with the Toronto Legacy, for example.

Perhaps, then, American hockey fans should celebrate "Make It Seven Day" by calling for an expansion team in the Toronto area? Why does "Make It Seven" need to be tied to the loss of hockey for the fans in Phoenix?

In case you haven't seen it, here's their new theme song:

After the jump, check out the message from the Blackberry Kid...

The following message was sent out this morning by Jim Balsillie via the Make It Seven campaign:

I want to thank you for getting behind the Make It Seven campaign and personally provide you with an update.  Yesterday Judge Redfield Baum asked all sides in a Phoenix bankruptcy court to provide him with information around a possible relocation fee the NHL may charge for the Coyotes franchise to be moved to Hamilton as I have proposed to do.
However it works out, the issue of a relocation fee, while a new development, does move us one step closer to bringing the Coyotes to Hamilton. I am fighting for Canadian hockey fans because I know you've been out there fighting for my bid. I appreciate your support. And I want to reassure you we're still moving toward our goal. We're looking forward to instructions from Judge Baum, but you should know as a supporter that I am committed to continuing and winning this fight to bring a seventh NHL team to Canada.
Our movement continues to build across the country.  We've even got our own song now that we found on YouTube.  Check it out at   Today, three new corporate partners are throwing their support behind the campaign.  Prime Restaurants, DeWalt Tools, and FirstOntario Credit Union have joined anchor partners Labatt and Home Hardware on the Make It Seven campaign. 
These new partners and the people signing up daily on the website are adding some tremendous new bench strength to the Make It Seven team.  It's incredible to think that over 155,000 fans have joined the campaign by signing up to the website at
We want to keep the momentum going and give Canadians an opportunity to demonstrate their desire for a seventh team, so I am excited to announce that we have chosen June 19th as Make It Seven Day in Canada.  This will be a day for Canadians to show their support in a variety of ways.  Our corporate partners will be celebrating Make It Seven Day with us and you will be hearing more about that in the days to come. 
Please tell more of your friends to sign up, watch for our partners' Make It Seven Day promotions, start to plan your own Make It Seven Day activities and stay tuned for updates on our progress.
Thanks.  Let's Make it Seven!