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Make it Seven? How about "Make it Five"?

Forget swiping an NHL team from the southern US and moving it to Canada - why doesn't someone address the competency of the teams Canada already has?

This comes from a wonderful parody site recently launched,

Jolie Makes Offer To Purchase Maple Leafs

TORONTO (June 9th, 2009) - Roger Jolie has put forth an offer today to purchase the Toronto Maple Leafs. The offer to purchase the team for $396.5 million (U.S.) is conditional on relocation of the organization to the AHL, lowering the number of NHL teams in Canada to five.

"It is most certainly what is best for the franchise, the league, and for the wonderful hockey fans of Canada," explained Mr. Jolie.

He also asked for Canadian fans who want to see just five NHL franchises in Canada to take a stand.
"It’s so essential for Canadian hockey fans to demonstrate the kind of hockey market we have and the passion we share for this game. I love the Leafs. But, it’s about time they became competitive. Which is why they need to be moved to the AHL.  Make it Five!" Mr. Jolie said.

Canadian fans can now visit to purchase official merchandise … and to make their voices heard.

Be sure to follow the Make It Five developments on Twitter (@MakeItFive)!