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Thursday notes: "Make It Seven" turns to email spam, becoming "Act Like You're Seven"

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As the hockey world settles in for a traditional evening handing out the yearly awards (Vegas style?), there's still plenty going on elsewhere. Key players need to be resigned, the draft is just over a week away, and Jim Balsillie has more silly tactics up his sleeve in his attempt to swashbuckle an NHL team off to his lair in Hamilton. His secret weapon this time? E-mail spam!

Inside Predators - 

John Glennon checks in with Steve Sullivan's agent, and it sounds like talks are still ongoing, but likely won't "get serious until the NHL Draft", which is just a few days shy of the July 1 date that kicks off free agency.

2009 SBN NHL Mock Draft: Day 3 - From The Rink

James Mirtle unveils picks 7-9 in the SB Nation Mock NHL Draft. Check in with our poll as to who the Preds should take with the #11 selection, which will be revealed tomorrow morning.

A letter to Gary Betttman - Make it

The latest PR tactic by the "Make It Seven" campaign involves a pre-written plea to Gary Bettman that fans can send via email. It reads much like my kids sound when they don't get their favorite dessert, as it's sprinkled throughout with pathetic "Why Not?" pleas. What's next, Jim Balsillie, rushing the stage and throwing a tantrum at the NHL Awards tonight? I'll bet that would create some media buzz!

Balsillie facing uphill battle - The Globe and Mail

Strong stuff from one observer: "I think they’re losers, and I think his legal team is getting rich on Mr. Balsillie’s tab while fighting a losing battle," said Gary Roberts, dean of law at Indiana University. He added that the ruling is "a strong signal that the plaintiffs, Mr. Balsillie and those folks, aren’t on very solid legal footing."

Teds Take - Vegas Baby, Vegas
Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis is in Las Vegas for the NHL Awards. Like him, I'm so hip and edgy, I DON'T have tattoos.