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Do you want to drive the Predators' Zamboni?

OK, you'll actually need to know what you're doing and have some experience, but the Nashville Predators are on the prowl (hoohoo, look at the funny guy) for an Ice Technician:

Primary Responsibilities:
 Installation and maintenance of an NHL quality ice sheet and hockey related equipment.
 Schedule and manage part time ice crew during game nights.
 Operate ice related equipment for hockey games and other ice events.

 Candidate must have five years experience in ice rink maintenance and ice event operations.
 Candidate should possess a working knowledge of a multi-purpose arena operation.
 Candidate should be a self-motivated individual that will work well with the other members of the Operations department as well as the other members of the building and team staffs.

Expectations/ Compensation: 
 Candidate will be required to work flexible hours including days, nights, weekends, and holidays.
 Salary will be commensurate with work experience.

Oh yeah, they're also looking for an HVAC guy, but that's nowhere near as fun.