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Friday follies: Sully wins a trophy, NHL players scammed for "porn star and hooker" money

First of all, I want to direct your attention to another great wallpaper that smashville has created, celebrating Steve Sullivan's Masterton Trophy which was awarded last night in Las Vegas. This morning's notes include a blogger's video interview with Sully, and a breaking story out of New York that has 19 current and former NHL players suing a resort developer for [allegedly] blowing their investment on hookers and porn stars so he could entertain baseball celebrities including Roger Clemens, Reggie Jackson, Pete Rose, and Joe Morgan.

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Preds On The Glass: Steve Sullivan Wins Masterton Trophy

Buddy Oakes caught up with Sully before the awards ceremony and taped a 6-minute video interview that's well worth catching. He talks about making Nashville his home, his excitement about the evening, and getting knocked out of a celebrity poker tournament by former Predator Scott Hartnell.

Steve Sullivan hopes he can reach new deal with Nashville Predators - ESPN
Pierre Lebrun catches up with Sully in Las Vegas and gets the following: "I would love to stay in Nashville, I really do want to stay there," Sullivan said. "I love it there. No matter what happens, my wife and I decided that that is where we're going to call home. We love it there. There's not a bad thing I can say about Nashville. It's just a matter of us trying to come to an agreement and finding some room so I can fit in." I, for one, am hopeful.

"Nearly two dozen NHL players (including Nashville's Greg de Vries and Pittsburgh's Sergei Gonchar) are seeking a courtroom face off with a resort developer who allegedly squandered their $25 million investment to debauched parties --- complete with porn stars and hookers --- for his baseball buddies Roger Clemens, Reggie Jackson and Pete Rose." So much for hockey being the Coolest Game on Earth, huh? It looks like they've been just footing the bill for some retired baseballers to have a good time.

Preds Assistant GM Paul Fenton Previews the 2009 Draft -
Paul Fenton takes a look at the upcoming draft in a short interview on the Preds official site. Stay tuned here because early next week, I'll have an interview with another member of the front office on this topic as well.

Arbitrator OK's Murray buyout - The Boston Globe Bruins Blog -

An interesting ruling came down in the case between the Boston Bruins and winger Glen Murray. The Bruins bought Murray out of his contract last summer, but Murray claimed he was injured and thus should not have been eligible for such a move. By backing the Bruins, they only have to pay two-thirds of his salary this upcoming season (~$1.4 million), but it counts against their salary cap.